Experimental design ideology for an ideal world — “Neogenesisism” Explained.

Harry Jinwook Seong
2 min readMar 25, 2021


ⓒ ISANG SEGYE & Harry Jinwook Seong

Through third year’s Context Report for Goldsmiths, University of London, I could organise diverse thoughts about the brand I am working on and also develop an experimental design ideology for my future projects.

The brand is called ISANG SEGYE. The English dictation of Korean word indicates the brand’s multi-based(London and Seoul) identity by delivering the word “ideal world” multilingually.

ISANG SEGYE = 이상세계 [isaŋ∙segæ] = Ideal world

The newly created ideology was entitled as “Neogenesisism”.

Neogenesisism [noun]. “leading our world to bright future by creating(designing and presenting) new alternative world in speculative/imaginative/futuristic/critical stance in order to open new era of our world”

“Journey from Present to Future” (2021). ⓒ ISANG SEGYE & Harry Jinwook Seong

Figure above illustrates Neogenesisism “creating new alternative world” well.

While reality’s timeline is expressed as single white arrow crossing through the whole image, red arrows heading to numerous directions reflects designs developed based on Neogenesisism. Aftermath of the ideology and its designs affecting people and the world is expressed as blue lines in the illustration.

Concretely, the ideology basically pursues imagining and speculating futures according to present’s factors. With the designs created by doing so, the ideology intends to let people face possible/plausible future scenarios and deeply think/debate about them. Consequently, designs can contribute our world towards an ideal world.